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Piromo LimitedDave Jones of Mole Contol, a dvision of Piromo Ltd, British Traditional Molecatcher Of The Year 2010 are pleased to announce that the winner of this years BTMR Molecatcher of the Year Award is our own Dave Jones of North Yorkshire.  We are delighted that it goes to such a worthy winner and fine ambassador for this great profession.  When told of the award Dave replied

"I have been working within the Pest Control industry for about 26 years and specialising in moles since 2006 when the company I work for acquired Mole Control from a respected Traditional Molecatcher. Working with him for a short while gave me the confidence I needed and very quickly I was totally hooked by my new found expertise.

Having worked on the land and in landscaping since I was a boy, many of the skills of the countryman were already mine but Brian helped me learn the secret ways of the mole. I will always remember the thrill of checking my traps for the first time and finding my first mole!

I still get that same feeling of achievement every time, even now.

I have a job that I have enjoyed from day one. The mole is a very worthy adversary and is not always easy to outwit. Unlike most other animals they do not have many natural predators and dependent on ground conditions and water tables etc their tunnels and nests can vary in depth and cause headaches to put traps in appropriate places.

I am convinced that traditional mole catching is the best way to control the increasing mole population so within our company I am helping to pass on my knowledge to a younger employee who shares my excitement for the countryside & the traditional ways of mole catching as it is so important to pass these skills on to ensure they are not lost.

I am delighted with this award and plan to be “The Mole Man” for many years to come!”


Molecatcher of the year award 2010